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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Datalog.ai Providing Automated Intelligence

Brought to my attention:

By  Datalog.ai |a Managed Ventures Company     Datalog.ai

Leading organizations are taking advantage of automated intelligence to solve their key business challenges.

You can gain superior business outcomes through intelligent process automation to augment, improve, and transform your business processes. ... 

We provide insights with a proprietary Automated Intelligence Platform to deliver value to you. Our holistic solutions help you win, retain, and grow your customer base within any market you serve.

Audience .... 

Your needs are unique and it is our job to carefully consider changes to your organization, how processes can be improved, and to identify and implement technology that works. Our differentiator is a unique combination of corporate experience, consulting acumen, and deep expertise in the development of AI solutions. .... 

As our client, you gain superior business outcomes through people alignment, process optimization, and technology enablement. Our goal is to empower you to exceed your customers' expectations, gain deep operational insights, and meet your strategic objectives.

"Chatbots have strong appeal as firms bring mass personalization to customers. Cost savings are the best-known benefit, but less-well-known benefits include insights from unstructured data, cost optimization, and experience improvement for customers and agents."   .... Forrester

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