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Thursday, November 03, 2016

So What is AI and when Should we invoke it?

Roger Schank, long time AI guru, who we talked to when building our own 'intelligent' systems. talks about what AI may really mean.  This sounds like conversations we also had back in the late 80s.

What Family Feud can teach us about AI and human intelligence
by Roger Schank  Founder and CEO at Socratic Arts  

Last week I was in Bogota, Colombia, interviewing experts in the food industry in order to gather video stories for use in a program to be used by that industry. At least 2 of the interviewees mentioned that they were using AI. They didn’t know anything about me so they didn’t mention AI for that reason. They just were saying that they were using AI in their food companies. This is so weird I had no idea what it could mean. What could they know about AI? AI has become the kind of thing that people (and especially the media) mention at the drop of a hat these days. But, they deeply fail to know what AI really is or at least should be.

Also last week, Stephen Hawking yet again made a pronouncement about AI, making clear he has no idea what AI is either.

So, I have come to the conclusion that AI is a word that many people and businesses say a lot while very few people who say it have a clue as to what it means. 

With that thought on my mind, and being someone who has thought about AI, and human intelligence, for about 50 years, I want to make some remarks here about human intelligence based on some rather mundane observations.   ... " 

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