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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Google Explore in Docs using Semantics

Google continues to move towards business useful business Apps and intelligence.  This has similarities to 'Research' in Word.  Reminds us of looking at 'remembrance engine' approaches to link work in progress to existing knowledge.   Good example is shown how this goes beyond classic search to use semantic networks to determine relevance.

Research suggestions at your fingertips with Explore in Docs
Posted by Kishore Papineni, Research Scientist, Google Research NY

Enabling easy access to vast amounts of information across multiple languages and modalities (from text to images to video), computers have become highly influential tools for learning, allowing you to use the world’s information to aid you with your research. However, when researching a topic or writing a term paper, gathering all the information you need from a variety of sources on the Internet can be time-consuming, and at times, a distraction from the writing process. 

That’s why we developed algorithms for Explore in Docs, a collaboration between the Coauthor and Apps teams that uses powerful Google infrastructure, best-in-class information retrieval, machine learning, and machine translation technologies to assemble the relevant information and sources for a research paper, all within the document. Explore in Docs suggests relevant content—in the form of topics, images, and snippets —based on the content of the document, allowing the user to focus on critical thinking and idea development.   .... "

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