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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Cognitive Shopping Research Assistant

IBM is acquiring expertise to be directly enhanced via Watson methods.  Here aimed at pre shopping research.

IBM acquires Watson-based cognitive shopping assistant XPS  by Duncan Riley in SiliconAngle

IBM Corp. has acquired Watson-based cognitive shopping assistant Expert Personal Shopper from digital commerce firm Fluid Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

Built using machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver expert advice that sounds like it’s coming from an actual human, XPS is aimed at assisting customers in their research before making a purchase.

“Understanding that Watson and other AI technologies could mimic human thinking and decision making, we focused on where the most human retail experience was–and that was in a physical store,” Fluid explained in a blog post. “We knew that shoppers in-store could receive expert assistance in discovering products for their specific needs, which was much more labor-intensive when the shopping happened online.”

The platform delivers a two-way, real-time conversation where shoppers can express what it is they want and then receive help and recommendations based on what they have asked, including product details and recommendations based on data the platform has gathered through previous interactions and from data provided by the retailer.  ... " 

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