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Monday, October 03, 2016

Giving Amazon Keys to Your Smart Home

Am a follower of the practicality of the smart home.   Here Amazon is trading practicality and security?   Our smart home tested alternative delivery systems, like lock boxes.   This will have some significant takers, in some contexts.  Your home is one more node in the IoT.    Thought provoking proposal.

Will customers give Amazon the keys to their smart homes?
by Matthew Stern

Amazon.com has been continually upping the ante on how quickly and conveniently it can get people their orders through any number of last-mile logistics innovations. But a new delivery option they’re testing sounds like it could strike some as a little too convenient for comfort.

Amazon is exploring the idea of offering in-home deliveries, that is, having delivery people place items in the home of the customer when he or she is not in the residence, Engadget reported. Amazon is looking to facilitate this through a partnership with a smart locks company and an IoT garage door company.

Such a setup could benefit those who live in buildings without vestibules and cannot receive packages at work, and so are either constantly missing deliveries during the day or unable to order from Amazon entirely. But the potential privacy concerns are quite obvious. The model would require allowing a stranger into residences unsupervised, which could lead to theft or vandalism, or allow criminals to case out residences for future break-ins.  ... " 

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