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Monday, October 03, 2016

Cortana Running Your Office?

Not in its current form, but I can see their direction.   Have used both Siri and Echo effectively in this space and these hint at the possibilities.  Microsoft already handles much of my operational data, so why not? Again I will point to the ability to integrate the acquisition of Linkedin (which is being contested) and new kinds of knowledge that are connected there.

How Microsoft Cortana will run your entire office by 2020
Cortana is going to start helping us all stay more productive
Artificial intelligence is not just a trending topic or a fad. Major companies like Google (with the new Assistant bot in the Allo messaging app) and now Microsoft are focusing their efforts on automations meant to take most of the legwork out of our daily business productivity chores.

This week, Microsoft unveiled several new powerful features in their Office suite that provide a hint of how things will work in the future. My prediction? Someday, these automations will become more fully realized and personified in Microsoft Cortana. ...  "

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