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Monday, October 03, 2016

Gigabit Wifi System from ATT Labs

Continued expansion of fast internet.

" .. AT&T Labs (Recently) announced a new wireless technology called Airgig, designed to transmit data at gigabit speeds over existing power infrastructure. The system would move the data between routers at the top of utility poles, transmitting data wirelessly over the millimeter waveband, also known as "gigabit wifi." AT&T expects the first field trials of the system to begin next year.

The announcement comes after a number of major investments in millimeter wave systems. Google is actively exploring the technology as a last-mile replacement for Google Fiber, and Facebook is planning to deploy its own version of the technology in San Jose later this year. In January, Aereo founder Chet Kanojia revealed a system called Starry that would use the same technology to provide home internet at gigabit speeds. ... " 

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