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Monday, October 03, 2016

Costco not going Omnichannel

Long time follower of Costco.  Studied how the early use of the Internet in-store influenced their sales.  They never paid much attention of omni channel, and this seems to confirm that.   Will Amazon erode their bulk purchase options?   Scheduled purchases?   In Retailwire: 

Costco sticking to store-first approach by Tom Ryan

While Costco acknowledges shortcomings in its digital approach, Richard Galanti, EVP and CFO, last week inferred the wholesale club has no plans to become an omnichannel retailer.

“Our value proposition is best served for us when it’s in-store, getting members to come in and buying when they can see everything there that we have,” he said on Costco’s fourth-quarter conference call.

The response followed recent investor concerns over Costco losing ground to Amazon and that its secondary digital focus was a liability in attracting Millennials.    ... " 

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