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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Logistic Regression vs Decision Trees

Decision trees were a favorite method in the enterprise, in part because the solution could be easily understood.   Now think of them in relation to Logistic regression for use in classification:

" .... By  Lalit Sachan in Blogon 05/10/2015 ... 
Classification is one of the major problems that we solve while working on standard business problems across industries. In this article we’ll be discussing the major three of the many techniques used for the same, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Support Vector Machines [SVM].

All of the above listed algorithms are used in classification [ SVM and Decision Trees are also used for regression, but we are not discussing that today!]. Time and again I have seen people asking which one to choose for their particular problem. Classical and the most correct but least satisfying response to that question is “it depends!”. Its downright annoying, I agree. So I decided to shed some light on it depends on what.  ... " ..... '

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