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Monday, November 16, 2015

Levels of Sophistication

A little dated, from 2011.  But I thought of interest.  In the DSC:

" .... In a research report on analytics by MIT and IBM (Kiron, et al. 2011), three progressive levels of analytical sophistication for organizations are defined as aspirational, experienced, and transformed (See Table 1). In transformed organizations, analytics is used at all levels, day to day, strategically. It is considered an integral part of everything, including the culture. These organizations have high proficiency in both data management and analytics in terms of usage, skills, and tools. Both data management and analytics are enterprise-driven and are ingrained in the enterprise culture. Transformed organizations have robust data and analytics foundations and management competencies, making it possible to capture, combine, and analyze information from disparate sources, and to disseminate it across the organization so that individuals at all levels can consume it. In these organizations, one finds that processes, practices, and behaviors are aligned with the fundamental belief that business decisions at all levels should be based on data analysis. ... " 

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