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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wal-Mart buys Kosmix

Wal-Mart makes an interesting move into social media with the acquisition of Kosmix. " ... According to sources close to the situation, Wal-Mart Stores paid just over $300 million for Kosmix.
The six-year-old Mountain View, Calif.-based company–which has built a social media platform that organizes content by topic–has raised $55 million from a large group of Silicon Valley venture firms ... ".  
Worth following to see how this might link social media and retail in new ways.  Have some ideas about where this might go.  See also Wal-Mart's press release and the Kosmix CEO's blog.  There he talks about the social genome and that  " Retail + Social + Mobile = @WalmartLabs ".   His post provides considerable additional  detail about the motivation of this.

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