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Monday, April 11, 2011

Business Intelligence With the Cloud and Internet as Data

Always intriguing Recorded Future blog spins some ideas about the Internet as data.  I have had the opportunity to commission and examine some very large scale econometric based simulation models that used the Internet in part as a source of data. Simulations, Statistical explorations, integration of human intelligence are all possible.   Its an idea worth looking at.  Yet using the Internet also requires the careful examination of the quality of data involved.  That carefully done, there are some clear possibilities to be explored.  Recorded Future itself is an example of how this can be done.

" ... the next compelling step is when we realize that the big breakthrough is not to put traditional BI software in the cloud but to realize that the most compelling data source in itself is the Internet. The amount of true business intelligence we can extract from the “open internet” – in everything from government filings, mainstream news, blogs, twitter, etc. is staggering. And don’t think about this as navigating our way to the right article (i.e. glorified Google News) but real analysis – find patterns, trends, clusters, outliers, anomalies, etc. ... "

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