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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Consumer Still Needs to be Touched

The sense of touch is nicely brought up in this interview with Estee Lauder.  While vision is by far the most important sense interacted with in the computer age, there is still great power in the other senses as well ...
" ... Estée Lauder -- the $7.8 billion cosmetics and beauty products giant founded in 1946 -- has grown to more than 25 brands in 140 countries. The company clearly knows its customers, 95% of whom are women. In a recent interview with Knowledge@Wharton, William Lauder, the company's executive chairman and the grandson of founder Estée Lauder, discussed the challenges of working in a family-owned business, the company's global growth aspirations and why the key to success is "getting women to put their hands together." ... '

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