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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Towards the Retail Genome: More on Wal-Mart and Kosmix

In Datawocky: On Teasing Patterns from Data, with Applications to Search, Social Media, and Advertising, Anand of Kosmix writes:

 " ... At Kosmix, we’ve been building a platform, called the Social Genome, to organize this data deluge by adding a layer of semantic understanding. Conversations in social media revolve around “social elements” such as people, places, topics, products, and events. For example, when I tweet “Loved Angelina Jolie in Salt,” the tweet connects me (a user) to Angelia Jolie (an actress) and SALT (a movie). By analyzing the huge volume of data produced every day on social media, the Social Genome builds rich profiles of users, topics, products, places, and events.... "

Worth reading the whole post and following.  But will the blog survive the Wal-Mart acquisition?

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