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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heartland Robotics

Rodney Brooks on Heartland Robotics  See the site. It has been declared a 'top 300' startup. Brooks, you will remember was a professor of Robotics at MIT and the founder of IRobot, maker of the floor sweeping Roomba and a number of military and dangerous task robotic systems.  IRobot has announced a new small floor washing robot called a Scooba.  Meanwhile, at the Heartland Robotics site a much broader and brighter future is detailed:

Robots will change the way we work.
They will have intelligence and awareness. They will be teachable, safe and affordable. They will make us productive in ways we never imagined. Robots will reinvigorate industry and inject new life into the economy. Making businesses more competitive. Keeping jobs from moving overseas. Demonstrating the power of American ingenuity. Robots will change how we think about manufacturing. And Heartland will change how we think about robots ... "

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