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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Britannica Becomes Free for Some, For Now

TechCrunch reports that web publishers can apply for a free one year subscription to Britannica online. I used to be a BT subscriber, but let it lapse. I want alternative (hard to believe I am saying this about the Britannica) encyclopedias to survive. More recent evidence that a less formally edited encyclopedia like the WP is also selectively less objective makes me want this even more. Am I willing to pay even a token amount? As a publisher I want to be able to read it and link to it. Otherwise it's not a universal source.

Update: I have taken advantage of this offer. Whenever I do a search on the WP, I will also do a search on the Britannica. I will report on my impressions. First example, the WP has a substantial article on Edward N. Lorenz, Chaos Theory pioneer, the Britannica has a brief paragraph on him, with no indication of his recent death.

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