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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Makes Shoppers Tick

Good overview article on aspects of understanding shopper behavior, including a description of Kimberly Clark's much publicized virtualization project. Also a number of other approaches and vendors in related spaces.
" ... How many customers walked down an aisle? What products did they look aT? What did they buy? How much time did they spend? Questions like these are becoming increasingly easier for retailers to answer in today's technologically driven world. With the help of innovative, cutting-edge technology systems, companies can delve deeper into the world of in-store metrics and yield more accurate, detailed results. More retailers are taking part in this in-store observation, watching customers while they shop in hopes of determining what works—and what doesn't. Infrared sensors, behavior-capturing video cameras, facial coding analysis and virtual reality simulations are just some of the many technologies retailers are experimenting with today ... ".

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