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Sunday, March 23, 2008


I just noticed this, the Amapedia is a wiki for owners of products being sold by Amazon. Wikipedia inspired, with an included classification system, called 'collaborative structured tagging' (see below):
"What is Amapedia?
Amapedia is a community of users who share information about the best products they own and love. By submitting information about your favorite products you will be joining a community where people freely share their knowledge and give their opinions and advice. You are able to read about the latest and best products in the market today from the viewpoint of real people who purchased the products you are interested in.

What should I put into an Amapedia article?
Think of an Amapedia article as a product encyclopedia entry that everyone who comes to an Amazon product page can see. Amapedia introduces a new model for jointly constructing a product encyclopedia called "collaborative structured tagging": in addition to writing free-form Wiki text you can also tag a product with what it "is" (e.g. a "Vacuum Cleaner") and what its facts are (e.g. "bagless" and "Manufacturer: Hoover"). Amapedia then uses these structured tags to let you discover, search, and compare related products in novel ways ... "

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