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Saturday, April 01, 2023

Made Me Think: About SynthAI

Still thinking this, Like to test its usefulness, efficiency.  Join me.

For B2B Generative AI Apps, Is Less More?   by Zeya Yang and Kristina Shen in Andreessen Horowitz

AI, machine & deep learning  enterprise & SaaS  Generative AI

Table of contents

Wave 1: Crossing the bridge from consumer to enterprise

What’s the cost (or benefit) of disrupting the workflow?

Wave 2: Converging information for improved decision making

Implementing SynthAI

A battle to own the workflow

We’ve watched large language models (LLMs) become mainstream over the past few years and have studied the implementations in the context of B2B applications. Despite some enormous technological advances and the presence of LLMs in the general zeitgeist, we believe we’re still only in the first wave of generative AI applications for B2B use cases. As companies nail down use cases and seek to build moats around their products, we expect a shift in approach and objectives from the current “Wave 1”  to a more focused “Wave 2.”

Here’s what we mean: To date, generative AI applications have overwhelmingly focused on the divergence of information. That is, they create new content based on a set of instructions. In Wave 2, we believe we will see more applications of AI to converge information. That is, they will show us less content by synthesizing the information available. Aptly, we refer to Wave 2 as synthesis AI (“SynthAI”) to contrast with Wave 1. While Wave 1 has created some value at the application layer, we believe Wave 2 will bring a step function change.

Ultimately, as we explain below, the battle among B2B solutions will be less focused on dazzling AI capabilities, and more focused on how these capabilities will help companies own (or redefine) valuable enterprise workflows. ... '      (charts at the link at Andreessen)

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