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Saturday, April 01, 2023

Google Bard had some issues, Plan is to try again

Google to try again with GPT

Google promises to unleash more of Bard’s potential in the 'next week'

By David Nield published  ago

Like a "souped-up Civic"

Google Bard being used on a phone

Google Bard is currently available to test. 

It feels as though Google is playing catch up at the moment when it comes to the ChatGPT-powered AI that Microsoft has introduced to Bing – but Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that his company's own Bard bot is going to quickly get more capable.

In an interview with the NYT's Hard Fork (opens in new tab) podcast (via The Verge(opens in new tab)), Pichai said that Bard was currently like a "souped-up Civic" taking on "more powerful cars" – but also that Google has "more capable models" that are going to get deployed in the coming days.

"We knew when we were putting Bard out we wanted to be careful," Pichai said. "Since this was the first time we were putting out, we wanted to see what type of queries we would get. We obviously positioned it carefully."  .... ' 

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