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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Amazon Show Scans Barcodes

Was surprised this didn't happen much sooner, given their earlier experiments with wands and buy buttons.    As suggested, put it right next to the can for quick reorder of staples.  (Tried this and it worked fine in populating the shopping list)

Amazon’s Echo Show can now scan barcodes to flesh out your shopping list    Prime placement: right next to the kitchen can    By Sean Hollister@StarFire2258 in theVerge

In our review of the Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display, Dan called it the “smart alarm clock to get.” But I think I might move mine to the kitchen, right next to the garbage can.

That’s partly because Amazon has just added the ability for the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8’s camera to scan barcodes, and automatically add those items to your shopping list (via VentureBeat). I might do that when I’ve got an empty package I’m about to toss in the trash.  ... "

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