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Friday, February 28, 2020

AI and Aerospace

Model based systems engineering is along time approach in this space. we did much of i in the enterprise.  AI/machine learning can be used to focus subtasks with broader process or resource implications. 

Modeling and simulation: Achieve next-level results with AI
Artificial intelligence-based approaches are key to realizing model-based systems engineering benefits.

Aerospace executives can now optimize manufacturing processes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) with high-performance computing (HPC) technologies and the digital thread. A digital thread follows the lifecycle of a product from design inception through engineering and product lifecycle management, to manufacturing instructions, supply chain management, and through to service events. You'll be able to enhance the aerospace design process to protect budgets, avoid static production rates, and nudge your business ahead of competitors.

Even better, as aerospace design becomes more complex, AI can help keep your business ahead of the innovation curve.... '

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