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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Protein Folding with Alphabet Deep Mind

A big, big deal we took a look at for industry, even suggested a neural net possibility, but methods were still too primitive at the time. This still not a compete solution,  but looks to be a step forward.

Alphabet's DeepMind AI Algorithm Wins Protein-Folding Contest 
V3.co.uk   By Dev Kundaliya

DeepMind's latest artificial intelligence (AI) software won the Protein Structure Prediction Center's Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction contest by accurately predicting the three-dimensional structures into which proteins can be folded. The AlphaFold algorithm predicted the configurations of 25 out of 43 proteins, making it far more accurate than any other software. AlphaFold was designed and taught to model target shapes from scratch, without using previously solved proteins as templates. The DeepMind team used two distinct neural networks to predict the proteins' structures. DeepMind's Demis Hassabis said, "We've not solved the protein folding problem, this is just a first step. It's a hugely challenging problem, but we have a good system and we have a ton of ideas we haven't implemented yet."    ... " 

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