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Friday, December 28, 2018

Assistants as Homecare Help

Our devices are already something we much rely on.    So why not.   What does it mean to be a companion though?  Conversations probably, that include strong context.   But one could argue that there has to be an element of humanity as well.   Talk to the Japanese who have been working eldercare for years, we did.  Strong Social element, but beyond the post and forget it world of Facebook.  Healthcare advice too is mentioned.   Will take a look. 

Alexa app for elderly aid bridges digital divide, acts as companion   By  R. Danes

Isn’t it great when mind-bending technology and product development come down the chute to solve a real human problem? Diverse industries are applying the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to everyday consumer issues.

For example,  the AI technology in Amazon Alexa’s virtual assistant could prove a handy in-home healthcare assistant, according to Dr. Justin Marley (pictured, right), consultant psychiatrist at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT). Together with Accenture LLP consultants, Marley developed an Alexa skill and web portal to aid the elderly.

“Our mission is to help people feel socially connected in this … always changing digital world and stay independent in their own home for a bit longer,” Marley said.

The aid works just like a smartphone application. It applies sophisticated AI and voice-recognition technology to a number of everyday tasks, processes, etc. “It’s constantly learning the behaviors that they’re doing on a daily basis,” said Gayle Sirard (pictured, left), applied intelligence lead, North America, at Accenture LLP.

It can monitor users’ mental health, remind them to take medication, and encourage them to participate in local activities, to name a few features. .... "

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