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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shops Looking for You

In Martin Lindstrom's newest newsletter, video of some of his views on what has come to be called augmented reality.

Why Search For Shops When The Shops Can Search For You?
Tokyo, Japan. Nothing has made access to brands easier, faster and bang-on relevant to consumers than advancing technology; today, GPS-based messaging by NTT Docomo in Japan takes it to a whole new level. Their LBS (location Based System), for a reasonable monthly fee, will pinpoint and suggest shops, restaurants and whatever else you may require - to within 50 meters of your location - wherever you are! I interviewed Nicole Fall from "Five By Fifty", a trend marketing company based in Tokyo, to explain how your profile becomes the tool to customizing what references you need, which are then delivered directly to your mobile phone...precisely when you need them! Technology in the hands of skillful marketers can be a beautiful thing.

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