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Friday, January 22, 2010

Pervasive Business Intelligence

How pervasive is Business Intelligence (BI)? I pushed it for a dozen years in the enterprise. It took a big uptick with the pervasiveness of the Web. Much lip service, but still not used many places it could have been very useful. Software as a Service and increasingly user-friendly analysis and visualization are helping. Another view from TDWI:

' ... In spite of increasing buzz about pervasive BI or about generalizing BI insights -- that BI makes the difference in an increasing number of decisions -- BI penetration still lags. Industry professionals seem no closer to licking the long-standing user-adoption problem. If anything, and in spite of the best-laid go-to-market efforts of the big BI suite players, user adoption has actually regressed.

In fact, "'Pervasive BI' continues to be more a vision rather than a reality," writes Howson. "BI adoption hasn't budged since we first began assessing this point in 2005." In fact, she concedes, "the percentage of employees using BI in 2007 was 25 percent and was 24 percent in 2009," so adoption actually slipped by a point... '.


stanrdyck said...

Almost sense in the crazy times that action/perceive action trumps data analysis/ROI certainty. Thoughts on why the plethora of data and data tools isn't driving more rapid update of BI?

Franz Dill said...

Yes, seems illogical. We certainly have the data now, perhaps too much to choose from. Linking databases and analytics is still too hard. Some management still has distrust of slick models and viz. Software too hard to get on board with. Statistical issues too often get in the way if the stat expertise is not right there to support.