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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Virtual Assistant

Everyone likes the idea of having an intelligent assistant to help lead them through complex systems tasks. Yet almost no one liked Microsoft's 'clippy' idea. The sheer obtrusiveness was part of it. It then got wound up in the whole Microsoft hatred thing. In the end a cynical view that was not useful to anyone. Lots of hours wasted. Now the idea of an AI that helps is being reworked. About time.


CJ said...

I have also been reworking it and made NLU/G in conversational agents my PhD thesis:


Hope you find it interesting. I like the title of your blog :)

Franz Dill said...

Thanks CJ, took a look at your slides. It was an area we worked with much in the early days of corporate AI. An advisor should be able to observe what you are doing and automatically search for you, give guidance, and even correct you. That last one is hard for many people to stomach.



Virtual Assistant said...

Franz, I liked your post. Its really good to save time with an intelligent assistant.

Virtual Assistant :-)