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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On Demand Business Intelligence

Good overall report on business intelligence use. I have used a half dozen BI packages over the years. Several were used and then abandoned as needs changed. Plus the added complexity and cost of maintaining packages and cost: ' ... On-demand (or software as a service) solutions are particularly attractive to midmarket companies or enterprise departments that have limited budgets and limited IT resources. On-demand solutions are delivered as a monthly service, so they offer a low-risk opportunity to get BI without high costs, onerous commitments or high resource requirements ... '.

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Clive Margolis said...

On-demand BI is appealing to organisations with limited resources, but to all enterprises also because in reality there is never enough budget for everyone's BI needs. Recent surveys have shown the control of BI is moving towards internal departments, and because SaaS reduces the overall cost of BI it opens possibilities for the growth of BI in general.

I think there can be pitfalls though in using Saas, for example how good is the data supplied to Saas in the first place?