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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Semantic View of the Organization: Kyield

I have looked at a number of approaches to try to combine the knowledge within a complex organization and result in improved innovation and communications. We examined simulations, visualizations, agent models and optimizations. The KYield development which uses semantic methods to address the problem is one of the most novel architectures for this problem that I have seen. Their recent press release:

' ... Kyield announced today the availability of its patent-pending semantic enterprise system for license to organizations, consultants, and integrators. The advanced knowledge system is designed to substantially improve innovation and productivity throughout the organization while reducing human-caused crises.

“Based on a solid systems approach to R&D, our revolutionary design will finally enable organizations to realize a higher level potential with their knowledge workforce,” said Mark Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Kyield. “The potential for reducing the total cost of ownership in computing while simultaneously improving human innovation and workplace productivity has never been greater.” ... '

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