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Sunday, August 05, 2018

What Amazon is Doing to Keep the Lead

Enticing lots more developers.  I get enticements most every week.  They have a good approach to supporting them.  Now lets come up with some really novel skills.

What Amazon Is Doing To Keep Alexa In The Lead  By Andria Cheng in Forbes

 Amazon.com AMZN -2.48% has made Alexa practically a household name, with the voice-assistant-enabled Fire TV stick and Echo devices ranking among its best sellers and giving the online giant a dominant lead in the growing smart-speaker market. But you’d be wrong to think that lead came just from those big discounts Amazon gave on Prime Day.

On the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark on Tuesday, 2,500 developers, marketers, executives and other attendees from companies including Panasonic, Lego, Capital One and Johnson & Johnson gathered for the three-day inaugural Voice Summit. While Amazon rivals like Microsoft and Google were also among the attendees, the Seattle giant’s presence was not to be missed: It’s the event’s largest sponsor among dozens.

But that's just one sign. At the trade show, which was to end Thursday, attendees could hang out with Amazon Alexa staff and learn to code and ask questions, as well as listen to various Amazon executives talk about the direction of voice and Alexa initiatives across industries, from retail and education to finance and healthcare. Amazon's Audible audio book unit, based in Newark, was one major exhibitor.

For those interested who couldn’t make it to the event, the Alexa team hosted live coding sessions and interviews, on topics such as the Alexa-enabled smart sous vide cooking tool, broadcast via Twitch, the Amazon-acquired live streaming video unit.  .... " 

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