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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

By 2020, 1 in 5 Healthcare Orgs will Adopt Blockchain

Quite a strong prediction, which they claim gets back to the drive of having only one, verified version of the truth.  Also the natural need for a completely connected health IOT needing new kinds of security.   Makes a point of the broader idea of 'Smart Contracts' as well. 

By 2020, 1-in-5 healthcare orgs will adopt blockchain; here’s why
Blockchain lets the healthcare industry exchange data in a standard format, automate complex processes and apply AI against large silos of medical data. It might even allow patients to sell their data for rewards.
 By Lucas Mearian in Computerworld

While the financial services and shipping industries have been quick to deploy blockchain, the healthcare industry could soon follow their lead as it looks to increase efficiency and security, reduce costs and expand services with the distributed ledger technology.

In essence, blockchain could help reshape healthcare interoperability by serving as a next-generation middleware that couples health data with decentralized, distributed, and immutable qualities, according to a new report by IDC Health Insights.

As a result, by 2020, 20% of healthcare organizations will have moved beyond pilot projects and be "using blockchain for operations management and patient identity," the report said.

Blockchain's interoperability could underpin data exchange, serving as an alternative to today's health information exchanges (HIEs); essentially, it would act as a mesh network for transmitting secure, near real-time patient data for healthcare providers, pharmacies, insurance payers and clinical researchers, according to IDC..... " 

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