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Friday, March 03, 2017

Machine Learning and Campaign Response

Intriguing piece in GigaOm, reviewing.   We did this for decades. There are better methods now.  How well can this be done?  What are the risks involved?

Predicting Marketing Campaign Response Using Amazon Machine Learning by Chris Mohritz
Today, marketers are challenged with higher expectations and thinner budgets.

So figuring out where to invest your advertising dollars to drive the highest ROI is critical. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools are making that decision easier and easier every day.

Imagine if you had a crystal ball that allowed you to peer into the future and see exactly who is going to respond to your offer.  How profitable would your marketing campaigns be if you knew exactly who is going to convert and who isn’t before you even launch the campaign?

But the formula for a successful marketing campaign can’t be pinned down to a single factor. In fact, it could take a mountain of data to figure out the best strategy.

That’s where A.I. — or more specifically, machine learning — comes in.  ....  "

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