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Friday, March 03, 2017

Amazon's New AI Blog

Emphasizing AWS, of course.  But from real experts in the field.

Amazon's New AI Blog: 

" ... From computer vision systems for autonomous driving, to FDA-approved medical imaging, AWS has driven innovation in existing products or helped define entirely new categories of products for customers such as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, GE, Capital One, and Wolfram Alpha. It’s also used extensively at Amazon to decrease order delivery time with robotic fulfilment, to create novel features such as X-ray (showing themes, characters, and their interactions in video and text), or to bring new experiences to life such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, or the new deep learning-powered, line-free, checkout-free grocery store, Amazon Go (currently in beta testing in Seattle).

Our vision is to use the expertise and lessons learned from customers and the thousands of engineers focused on AI at Amazon to put intelligence in the hands of as many developers as possible, and that AI should be available to everyone, irrespective of their level of technical skill or ability. Today, our approach breaks down into three main layers which all sit on top of the AWS infrastructure and network. We call this, collectively, “Amazon AI.”  .... " 

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