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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Google's Daydream VR Examined

Hand on look in Engadget.  Inexpensive.  Field of view claimed to be good.  Emerging content.  Only one compatible phone at this time, a key issue?

Google's Daydream View is the VR headset for the masses
This might be the first virtual-reality device that ever oozed style. by Chris Velazco

It's pretty clear by now that virtual reality -- like it or not -- is probably here to stay. The tricky part is getting people to start using these requisite VR headsets on the regular, and Google's approach is equal parts simple and elegant. With a new Pixel phone (or another Daydream-compatible device) and the $80 Daydream View headset, Google might have just cooked up the most comfortable, coolest-looking VR experience out there. ..... " 

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