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Monday, October 10, 2016

Cognitive AI and Ad Agencies

In AdAge:  Good thoughts, but how to make it work is still very complicated.

A.I. and Ad Agencies: Bringing Cognitive Intelligence to Clients  By Jason Jercinovic 

It's a pivotal moment for technology and marketing. These two industries have collided to augment and even build worlds from scratch, telling comprehensive and compelling stories. Yet one of the most astounding and useful advances comes not from a new type of virtual reality but in how marketers soon will be able to analyze the most sophisticated tool around: the human mind.

I'm speaking here of the principle known as "cognitive intelligence," or C.I., which offers a crystal-clear window into the behaviors, wants and needs of the people around us.

Cognitive is an umbrella term encompassing numerous aspects of how machine thinking mimics how we as humans think. Terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, adaptive neural networks, etc. all touch on components of what is encompassed in the broader term "cognitive."

Cognitive intelligence is an output of using cognitive services and technology to understand more insights at an individual or personal level. When applying cognitive to marketing, Cognitive Intelligence is about the uniqueness of the customer -- i.e. who they are as individuals. Examples can be things like their personality, character, media consumption habits, desires and passions. ... "

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