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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Blink Security and Amazon Echo

Have thought about how you could compare snippets of a video to infer security status.  Digital Video Analysis.   Blink appears to be doing this.  Though Google has the tagging smarts to be put in Home.  Now to be connected to Alexa.

Blink security system integrates with Amazon Alexa by  Chris Burns
Asking Alexa about the security of one’s home can bring on system status as well as both the time and location of the system’s last recorded motion clip. This can be especially helpful for the times when we’ve lost the cat inside the house and the cat will only come out to visit when we’ve gone away for the day.

Asking Alexa where the cat is might not work quite yet, but asking Alexa to consult Blink to tell us the last time the cat was spotted could very well be a situation we’re in in the near future.

According to the CEO of Blink, Peter Besen, “We live in a world where convenience is king and simplicity wins.”

“link’s seamless setup and easy-to-use interface provided a catalyst for our product’s explosive growth and the addition of voice control through the Amazon Alexa platform marks the next, bold step in Blink’s progression as an industry-leading home security and monitoring system. Whether it is a parent with a handful of kids to keep track of, or someone coming home with two arms full of groceries, it is vital that our consumers receive a hassle-free home security experience.”

Blink systems are available starting at $99 USD – that including one single camera. Two-camera systems are $169, while three and five camera systems are also available. Users that purchase a set of cameras and need just one more, (at the time at which they’re purchasing the first set), will be able to purchase additional cameras for $75 apiece.  ... " 

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