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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Amazon Streams New Engagement

Despite all the other aspects of the Amazon Echo,   I believe delivering music easily by voice command is the thing that gets most people interested.   It has flipped me to a near continual music and information listener.  I had all the tech to do this before, but there was slightly too much friction. And that friction was removed in the last year.

The other assistant features are fascinating, both technically and useful, but are still very much in the evolving state.   Kitchen timers and alarms, Vocal search, OK.  But think of this as a way to engage millions of people, use it in the home, (which migrates to the office) train them with expectations, and when you finally have powerful assistants, you can deliver and test them.  Lets see if Amazon retains hold on the reins here. Are they ready?

The latest move in continuing the engagement.  Their own inexpensive music streaming linking them to the echo.  In CNET:

Amazon breaks out streaming music in a duet with Echo
The Spotify-style service packs a price few can beat: full-fledged streaming tunes for $4 a month, if Echo is the only way you play. .... " 

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