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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Additive Manufacture

Been mostly involved with high speed repetitive manufacture, so always see the issues with 3D printing.  Much still needs to be done improve the idea.   Here are some:

Authentise Aims to Support Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2016, news from every company in the 3D printing space suggested that the technology is ready for the mainstream production supply chain. However, in order for additive manufacturing (AM) to bring about the quality and predictability expected by the larger manufacturing industry, new solutions are being developed to make AM a better understood and managed process.

Among the firms working on such solutions is Authentise, which has developed 3Diax, a large suite of modular software tools for AM management. At IMTS, Authentise added even more capabilities to its 3Diax platform with 3Diax Machine Analytics, which automatically monitors printer status across a range of locations and provides performance monitoring updates to machine operators.

To learn more about 3Diax Machine Analytics, ENGINEERING.com spoke with Andre Wegner, CEO and founder of Authentise.  ... " 

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