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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Robotic Cleaning

In IEEE Spectrum:  As might be expected we avidly explored the future of cleaning.  In particular we examined robotic approaches. Watching development and commercialization of methods like the Roomba.  In particular it is quite difficult to clean multiple, irregular surfaces in home environments.  Here is a new idea, using multiple small robotic motes.   Just an early  concept for now, but interesting to consider the idea in outline.   " ... Mab is a self cleaning system consisting of 908 robots which clean the surface of a  floor with a drop touching and trapping the dirt particles on the floor. These robots also fulfill the task of feeding the system energy by capturing solar energy in its wings. The second component of the Mab is the core, which the robots returns to, and this central part handles multiple tasks: it generates the mixture of water with an additive that gives higher surface tension and a pleasant odor to the water; it is controlling the robot based on information they are providing of the environment; receiving contaminated droplets and filters it to remove the dirt from the water, saving the highest percentage possible and cleans its walking surfaces. ... " 

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