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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hands Free Car Manual on Google Glass

Metaio's press release on their prototype augmented reality car manual, mentioned here before.    I note that this was precisely the area we explored, using 3D location to be able to do machine maintenance, by overlaying diagrams and physical spaces.   I think there are lots of opportunity in industry.   Includes a video of use at the link.

" ... The hands-free interactive car manual prototype developed by Metaio will be the first time that augmented reality on wearable computing will be shown to be productive and commercially viable.

Metaio R&D developed this new prototype as a proof-of-concept of the capabilities of its AR platform on wearable devices. A new type of 3-D tracking and recognition technology engineered by Metaio utilizes CAD models to recognize and overlay 3-D content onto the real world counterpart. Since no markers, GPS or point clouds are required, the stability of the augmented reality experience increases dramatically, while remaining almost immune to variable lighting, glare, position, and other environmental factors that tend to interfere with vision-based experiences ... " 

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