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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ahalogy for Content Marketing

Brought to my attention, formerly Pingage, now Ahalogy.  Previously I wrote about Pingage.

" ... We're building Ahalogy (formerly Pingage) to solve one simple problem: making content marketing as easy and effective as possible. That's it.

We started developing the Ahalogy technology as internal tools to improve the marketing of one of our previous startups, but once we showed other companies what we were building, we soon learned just how common—and dire—this need was for other brands. So in October 2012 we founded Ahalogy to fix content marketing for brands across industries and around the world.

Along the way Ahalogy has become a fast-growing startup backed by incredible investors. We call Cincinnati home, with more brand marketers than any other city in the world, and with a second office in New York focusing on agency and media partnerships.... " 

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