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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rescuing Infographics or Making them right

Readers here know my impatience with what are called infographics.  More set up to look graphically impressive and clever than to inform.  I don't think they can be rescued in their current form.  Do give me a clutterless line chart when it truly informs.  This article looks at efforts in the 40s that were meant to do both.  " ... I think one of the key missing pieces is analytics. Most of today's infographics seemingly are a result of treating data as flowers to be arranged. There is little analytical thinking behind what the data mean. Incidentally, that is why the new NYU certificate is not called Certificate in Data Visualization--we wanted to emphasize the importance of analytics next to datavis. ... "  I believe that all data visualization should be the base form of analytics ... if it can't be used for that, it is wrong.

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