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Monday, September 30, 2013

Concept Maps Delivered on an iPad

Brian Moon of Perigean Technologies helped us elicit knowledge from experts in the enterprise and convert it to the form of concept maps.   He continues to work with my former colleagues to extract knowledge and transform using CMap Tools.   There is an increasing expectation that such knowledge be delivered on mobile tablet tools like the iPad.  In a conversation he informed me that this has been done is and described in the paper: Knowledge Model Viewers for the iPad and the Web

Abstract. Knowledge Models are used extensively by the concept mapping community for a variety of purposes, including  education, organizing content, and depicting expert knowledge. The CmapTools software suite automatically generates Web-based (HTML) versions of Knowledge Models when they are stored in a CmapServer. As a result, Web browsers are often the  tools used to browse Knowledge Models. However, the HTML generated by CmapTools does not take advantage of new  technologies, such as large high-resolution screens and tablets like the iPad. In this paper we present new Knowledge Model  Viewer programs for the iPad and the Web that provide an improved navigation experience. .... 

I have not tried this yet, but plan to.   Also consider using Brian's services:

Perigean Technologies specializes in Knowledge :
Capture, Retention & Transfer –
Analysis & Assessment –
Elicitation, Modeling & Engineering –
Management & Organization.

We service customers who face the potential loss of knowledge, professionals who want to accelerate the growth of knowledge and expertise, and clients who want to learn to make more profitable and effective use of what they and their customers know ...  " 

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