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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Office Design

Over the years have been involved in looking at office design.  Sometimes leading with advanced tech design, sometimes not.  Today, for the first time for a while, I was in a pretty standard box cubicle office.  Little boxes in a larger box.  Boring but, neat and functional.  No distractions. Not even much decoration by the inhabitants.  Then I happened on Awesome Google Offices Around the World.   Very impressive, very fun, but does this really make a difference?  For creativity or for just plain work? Could a controlled experiment be done to show a value?   Or will offices even continue to be relevant?  Or ....

" ... Imagine working in an office that looks like a spaceship, or perhaps one that’s part rainforest. Just think of the ideas you could come up with while lying in a bathtub filled with foam, staring at dreamy-looking fish tanks. It may sound too good to be true, but for Google employees around the world, imaginative and unusual designer workspaces are a daily reality. ... " 

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Abigail Davies said...

There are several companies nowadays that are adapting to advanced type of offices and having these innovative office designs are helpful to motivate the employees and boost productivity.