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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oracle BI on the IPhone or Not

I read and posted about this recently. So when I could I update my old IPhone to 2.0 software I did, hoping to see the wonders of Business Intelligence on a mobile device. The download is free and the viewer took only minutes to download. But then the catch, you need to license Oracle Business Intelligence Suite. I don't have such a license, so I could not see anything but a static chart in the intro. BI value is often in the interaction.

What a marketing waste! Why not set up a detailed test database? I am sure they have that. So that you can demonstrate how useful this is. All the infrastructure is there, and would certainly lead to some sales. My challenge to Oracle: I have experience in the uses of business intelligence in the enterprise in many forms, give me access and I will write up a review here. Another review.

More about Oracle Business Indicators.

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