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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Zoom IQ Updates

 Zoom IQ Does some Interesting Tool things.  Note taking interesting. 

Zoom IQ Assistant Adds Generative AI Tools Fueled by Multiple LLMs

Eric Hal Schwartz on March 27, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Zoom has unveiled a new suite of generative AI tools for its Zoom IQ digital assistant. The “smart companion” uses a mix of large language models built in-house and by partners like OpenAI to help draft communications and condense meeting transcriptions.


Zoom IQ launched a year ago as a meeting transcription feature capable of collecting and analyzing data from customer interactions. The upgraded AI Assistant incorporates several generative AI text features on top of that function. The new Zoom IQ meeting summary feature doe as its name suggests and condenses a meeting transcript summarizing the conversation and highlighting any next steps decided during the meeting. The summary is then shared with anyone that the meeting attendees choose.

The Zoom IQ chat compose feature provides suggestions for messages to send in Zoom Team Chats based on the context of the conversation, with different tones available. The Zoom IQ email compose feature performs a similar task but funnels previous Zoom meetings, phone calls, and email threads to formulate draft emails and is only available with Zoom IQ for Sales. Zoom IQ relies on different LLMs depending on the user’s request. Some Zoom customers will be able to augment the mix provided by Zoom and OpenAI with their own models. The idea is to up the AI’s flexibility by widening the model options, as well as allowing customers to customize the models for a company’s vocabulary and scenarios.

“Zoom has long built AI solutions into our products to empower customers to be more productive,” Zoom chief product officer Smita Hashim said. “We are excited to bring many more capabilities with new large language models. Our unique approach to AI will give customers the flexibility they want and help significantly improve collaboration and customer relations.”

Zoom’s pivot to generative AI fits the rush among enterprise service providers to incorporate the technology in their platforms. That includes investing in startups like Supernormal, which raised $10 million earlier this year while incorporating OpenAI’s models into its meeting AI assistant. Otter.ai created its own AI assistant named OtterPilot to produce summaries and notes from meetings, including slides and other images. Meanwhile, OpenAI’s majority investor Microsoft now employs ChatGPT as a note-taker for Teams.  ... ' 

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