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Sunday, March 19, 2023

AI and Liability

Is this different from more general liability issues?  Does it matter in how the technology is seen by consumers, patients?   As intelligent? .   In the last AI efforts we talked with with company lawyers.  Insurance Implications?  Different than algorithms in general?  Embedded Bias? 


Who Is Liable when AI Kills?   By Scientific American, February 21, 2023

An autonomous vehicle drives on a road using its sensors to understand its surroundings.

The benefits of AI should not be undercut by poorly developed algorithms: 21st-century AI demands a 21st-century liability system.

Credit: Sergii Iaremenko/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Our current liability system—used to determine responsibility and payment for injuries—is unprepared for artificial intelligence (AI). Liability rules were designed for a time when humans caused most injuries.

With AI, errors may occur without any direct human input. The liability system needs to adjust accordingly. Bad liability policy will not just stifle AI innovation; it will also harm patients and consumers.

From The Scientific American

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