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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Comm Network for the Moon

Spreading Space Networks.

Lockheed Spinoff Plans to Build Communication Network for the Moon

Crescent Space will begin deploying its Parsec satellites in orbit on the Moon in 2025.

By Ryan Whitwam March 30, 2023

Humankind has been relegated to low-Earth orbit for decades, but that will change with the Artemis Program. NASA and its partners plan to establish a permanent human lunar presence, which will require infrastructure. Lockheed Martin has announced the formation of a new company called Crescent Space to start building it. Its goal is to deploy a satellite constellation in orbit of the Moon to provide communication and navigation services.

The network will be called Parsec, consisting of an indeterminate number of nodes built on established Lockheed Martin tech. Parsec will use Lockheed's Curio SmallSat platform, along with the SmartSat software and COMPASS/Horizon mission planning system. By placing enough of these compact satellites in orbit, it will be possible to maintain contact with all missions orbiting the Moon and any assets on the surface. As a bonus, the network will be able to offer accurate lunar positioning in the same way the GPS network does on Earth. So, even as the Moon becomes more congested, spacecraft and surface equipment can steer clear of other missions.  ... ' 

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