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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Sygic Better than Google Maps?

A better Replacement for Google Maps?

Interesting but ultimately not free.   An alternative with potential features and coverage differences?

Also can they beat the vast data and features that Google has?   Will take a look,

Google Maps isn’t everybody’s cup of tea on iPhone and Android, and Sygic GPS Navigation is an application specifically aimed at users looking for an alternative.

Sygic GPS Navigation on CarPlay

 8 photosPhoto: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Sygic

Sygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhoneSygic's truck navigation app on iPhone

As such, Sygic’s software has evolved to become a top go-to navigation solution, especially as it offers support for most platforms, including CarPlay.

February witnessed the introduction of several big features in Sygic GPS Navigation.

The parent company says app version 23.0.0 brought important improvements for signposts on CarPlay. Users are now provided with more information about streets, numbers, and roads, eventually making navigation more straightforward.

The mobile experience has received a facelift as well.

iPhone users are now offered a larger font size on the map, but changing these settings is allowed from the settings menu. This is the place where you’ll also find new options to turn off automatic changing colors in signposts.

As far as the map information is concerned, Sygic users are now provided with fuel prices in a more convenient approach. The data is displayed right on the map, alongside date information, so you can easily tell how old it is.

The latest version of Sygic GPS Navigation for iOS devices also includes an option to turn the compass off by default for navigation. The compass continues to be a must-have feature for many users, but others want it to be disabled by default. This is finally possible after the latest update on iOS.

Sygic has also refined the way certain essential data is displayed on the map. For example, accidents and warnings that you come across after a sharp curve use a yellow color on the map and in the notification center. This should make them easier to notice and, therefore, give you more time to slow down before approaching the curve.

Last but not least, Sygic’s software is being updated with new options for satellite maps. The new version of the app comes with a satellite map button added on the POI and address detail screen when searching. As such, you can toggle the display mode much easier right from the search results interface.

All these improvements are included in the latest version of Sygic’s navigation software for Apple devices. The update is already live on the App Store.

The main shortcoming for those who are planning to replace Google Maps with Sygic is the subscription model. The application isn’t available free of charge, so you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to use it. However, the parent company is also offering a trial version that should allow users to take everything for a spin before making a final decision. A premium subscription brings additional capabilities including offline 3D maps, real-time traffic information, sign detection, and a head-up display experience powered by the mobile device.  .... / 

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