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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Russian Drones Emerge

 No claims made for Russian drone use and integrated AI capabilities.    Currently reading Henry Kissinger et al's   2021 book: "The Age of AI and Our Human Future".  which talks AI and military applications, and how it fits with the current security and world order,

Russia's Killer Drone in Ukraine Raises Fears About AI in Warfare, By Wired, March 23, 2022

A Russian "suicide drone" that boasts the ability to identify targets using artificial intelligence has been spotted in images of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Photographs showing what appears to be the KUB-BLA, a type of lethal drone known as a "loitering munition" sold by ZALA Aero, a subsidiary of the Russian arms company Kalashnikov, have appeared on Telegram and Twitter in recent days. The pictures show damaged drones that appear to have either crashed or been shot down.

With a wingspan of 1.2 meters, the sleek white drone resembles a small pilotless fighter jet. It is fired from a portable launch, can travel up to 130 kilometers per hour for 30 minutes, and deliberately crashes into a target, detonating a 3-kilo explosive.

ZALA Aero, which first demoed the KUB-BLA at a Russian air show in 2019, claims in promotional material that it features "intelligent detection and recognition of objects by class and type in real time."  .... '

Advances in AI have made it easier to incorporate autonomy into weapons systems, and have raised the prospect that more capable systems could eventually decide for themselves who to kill.  .... '

In Wired. 

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